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Nasal Dilator

AIRMAX nasal dilator is a medical device registered with the U.S. FDA. It works by expanding the nasal passage, reducing the airflow resistance during breathing and increases air to the lungs. It has been clinically proven to be effective at improving breathing, relieving nasal congestion, and reducing snoring.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 止鼻鼾產品】AIRMAX 通鼻止鼾鼻托 - 美國FDA註冊醫療產品

FDA Cleared

​Medical Device

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 止鼻鼾產品】AIRMAX 通鼻止鼾鼻托 - 專利設計



【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 止鼻鼾產品】AIRMAX 通鼻止鼾鼻托 - 荷蘭製造

Made in



【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 止鼻鼾產品】因鼻塞而引起的鼻鼾,AIRMAX 通鼻止鼾鼻托幫到您。

Why does nasal congestion cause snoring?

If you have nasal allergies or have had a common cold or flu, you may have experienced nasal congestion. A blocked nose not only makes it difficult to breathe, but it may also cause loud snoring and affect sleep. What is the relationship between "stuffy nose" and "snoring"?

We often mistakenly think that nasal congestion is caused by a large amount of discharge or mucus in the nasal cavity. Actually, most nasal blockages are caused by inflammation that causes the blood vessels or tissue in the nasal cavity to swell, which narrows the nasal passage and causes nasal congestion. When the nasal area is partially blocked, you may need to breathe heavier to draw in more air to supply the body. When the air passes through the narrow nasal passage, it may cause the swelling tissue in the nasal cavity to vibrate and cause snoring.

How does AIRMAX relieve

nasal congestion & snoring?

Upon using AIRMAX, its unique "winged" design can penetrate deep into the narrow part of the nasal cavity and expand the nasal passage obstructed by the swollen blood vessels or tissue. It helps airflow pass through smoothly when you breathe, relieving your nasal congestion and improve snoring problems caused by nasal blockages.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 止鼻鼾產品】AIRMAX 通鼻止鼾鼻托 - 醫學臨床測試實證,多達75%鼻鼾人士,在使用AIRMAX通鼻止鼾鼻托後,鼻鼾的聲量及持續時間均有明顯改善。

Netherlands AIRMAX

Performed a Clinical Tests

With its unique patented “winged” design in a clinical test, AIRMAX show to reduce airflow resistance by about 3 times compared to breathing strips, and proven to be more effective in breathing. In another clinical test, as many as 75% of participants significantly reduced their snoring sound and shortened snoring duration after using AIRMAX.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 止鼻鼾產品】AIRMAX 通鼻止鼾鼻托 - 兩個尺碼,配合不同人士需要

Two Sizes

To meet the different needs

AIRMAX has two dimensions, small size and medium size with each "wing" differing by 1.5 mm. When applying them for the first time, it is recommended to purchase a trial set and start by using the smaller size. If the problem does not improve after use, switch to the medium size according to personal needs. Find the most suitable configuration to improve your nasal congestion or/and snoring problem.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 止鼻鼾產品】AIRMAX 通鼻止鼾鼻托 - 設有細碼及中碼兩個尺寸,每邊「翼狀」的闊度相差1.5毫米 (mm)



product - AIRMAX - 12 background.jpg

Netherlands AIRMAX

Why is it different?

There is an astounding array of nasal breathing products on the market, and the more familiar ones are nasal sprays and breathing strips. Nasal sprays can be divided into medicated and non-medicated, and the instructions for the application must be read carefully before use. They should not be used more than the daily recommendation and may not completely solve the problem of all-day or long-term nasal congestion. Nasal strips are also another more popular choice used to improve nasal congestion and snoring. It is relatively affordable, but when using it, pay attention to the position of the strip to ensure the nasal passage is widened effectively. Also, because the breathing strips contain adhesives, people with sensitive skin may need special attention.

In recent years, many similar anti-snoring nasal dilators have been introduced to the market, but many fall short widening the blocked area only reaching the opening end of the obstructed nasal passage. The patented design of AIRMAX penetrates the narrower part of the nasal cavity and helps open up the blocked nasal passage.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 止鼻鼾產品】AIRMAX 通鼻止鼾鼻托 - 專利設計,有效撐開受阻的鼻道,改善鼻塞,以及改善因鼻塞而引起的鼻鼾問題。


If you have a nasal infection, do not use AIRMAX or consult your doctor before use. It is not suitable for children under the age of 12.

What should I do if I still snore

after using AIRMAX?

AIRMAX is generally used to improve snoring caused by the narrow nasal cavity. If the snoring problem is due to the blockage of the throat passage, we suggest you try anti-snoring mouthpiece or side sleeping therapy

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