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3D Blindfold

The 3D design fits the contour of your nose and effectively prevents light from passing through. Made with a soft, silky smooth material and featuring adjustable elastic straps, it will bring you a dim and comfortable sleep.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 失眠產品】MACK'S 3D 立體剪裁安睡眼罩 - 3D 立體剪裁

3D Design

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 失眠產品】MACK'S 3D 立體剪裁安睡眼罩 - 絲滑材質

Silky & Smooth

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 失眠產品】MACK'S 3D 立體剪裁安睡眼罩 - 內附耳塞

Earplugs Included


"Light" may be

the culprit causing insomnia

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 失眠產品】MACK'S 3D 立體剪裁安睡眼罩 - 「光線」可能是導致失眠的元凶 - 窗外光線

External Light Outside

the Window

Since light is an essential factor with our biological clock used to distinguish between day and night, the melatonin in our body changes in response to light and darkness. When the surrounding environment becomes dim at night, secretion of melatonin will increase signals to the brain to make us feel drowsy and inform us that it is time to rest. On the contrary, when our eyes continue to receive large amounts of light at night, secretion of melatonin will be reduced. Our biological clock becomes confused and mistakes the time of the day, making it difficult for us to fall asleep.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 失眠產品】MACK'S 3D 立體剪裁安睡眼罩 - 立體剪裁,別具匠心,享受舒適睡眠

Contoured Tailoring is Unique

The unique 3D cut out allows you to open and close your eyes freely while wearing the eyeshade, which also relieves the pressure caused by the eye mask around the eyes and on the nose. At the same time, the design snuggly fits the shape of your nose to prevent light from seeping through the edges of the eye mask. For ladies who wear makeup every day or have eyelashes extensions, this design avoids the blurring of your eye makeup, allowing you to enjoy the dark and have a comfortable night's sleep anytime, anywhere.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 失眠產品】MACK'S 3D 立體剪裁安睡眼罩 - 可調式的舒適頭帶

Adjustable Headbands

Optimum Comfort

The eye mask features dual upper and lower elastic headbands with adjustable tensioners, which effectively improve the fit and comfort. Also, the eyeshade has been designed to be super lightweight without adding any unnecessary bulky or buckle components. Thus avoiding the entanglement of hair, and also protecting the pillow from damage caused by friction.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 失眠產品】MACK'S 3D 立體剪裁安睡眼罩 - 不受光線打擾,隨時隨地享受舒適幽暗的睡眠
【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 失眠產品】MACK'S 3D 立體剪裁安睡眼罩 - 絲滑柔順
【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 失眠產品】MACK'S 3D 立體剪裁安睡眼罩 - 絲滑柔順,容易清潔打理

Silky Smooth & Easy Care

The eyeshades use comfortable and smooth material as soft as silk to protect your skin intimately. After use, simply use mild soap water, wash it by hand, and then dry it.

Each box of eye shapes includes 1 pair of MACK’S soft form earplugs. For product details, please CLICK HERE to learn more.


If you have an ear infection, do not use MACK’S earplugs or consult your doctor before use.

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