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Roselyn Chan


Registered Physiotherapist

teaches you about pillow selection

Should the pillow be "High" or "Low" ?


A suitable pillow should provide adequate support for the neck; thoracic vertebrae should be positioned in a natural curvature position; the head is maintained in a central position; and the shoulders should be symmetrically placed on both sides. When trying out pillows, in addition to considering the above factors, the most important criteria is that the chosen pillow should feel comfortable. In the eyes of others, the body should look and feel naturally contoured and symmetrical.  Only after taking into account these factors, should other attributes (such as price, brand, etc.) be considered.

A pillow's height and dimension depend on the physical characteristics of each person, especially their neck curvature.  Those who prefer to lie on their backs and have a prominent cervical curvature may select a thicker pillow to support their neck's most neutral position. Those with a mild cervical curvature can choose a thinner pillow.  Side sleepers should choose a thicker pillow that aligns their neck and spine in horizontal alignment.

Conventional pillows may not be ideal to meet the needs of sides sleepers and back sleepers at the same time.  New to market pillows now offer pillows that are dipped in the middle and elevated on the sides. When sleeping on the back, the head is on the lower part in the center; when sleeping on the side, you can place your head on higher parts on the left and right sides. Choosing the right pillow will not only help you sleep, but will also help to keep your spine healthy.

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Should the pillow be "Hard" or "Soft"?


The material of the pillow should provide sufficient support; the texture should be flexible and possess a moderate stiffness.  If you press on the pillow with your hand and then let go after a while and still find your fingerprints on the surface, then the pillow may be too soft; On the other hand, if you press the pillow with your hand and it returns to its original state within a short time, it should be more suitable.  If you are thick and strong, a stiffer pillow may provide additional support. However, if you are slim or lean, a firmer pillow may make it more difficult to sleep.  After waking up, you may have shoulder, neck and back pain.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that you try a pillow yourself when shopping for a new pillow.

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