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Sleep Medicine

Registered Medical Device Importer

SleepKinwood™ is a registered trademark owned by Cemma Enterprise Co., Ltd. Cemma was founded in Hong Kong in 1993. It is a registered medical device importer (certificate no. IMP090012e) under the Medical Device Division by the Hong Kong Department of Health. Cemma has been committed to introducing high quality medical products from all over the US and Europe for many years. We not only provide professional surgical equipment for public and private medical institutions in Hong Kong, but also set up SleepKinwood™ to provide the public with one-stop sleep disorder treatment and sleep test services. We will also regularly publish sleep health education newsletters, hold health talks by doctors/professionals and patients sharing activities to improve people sleep quality.

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Sleep Professional Since 2001

Our brand new Jordan office and showroom was officially put into service, a spacious and comfortable environment with 3 independent bedrooms, to cope with our long-term development of the sleep health business.


Set up “SleepKinwood™ Sleep Education Center”, invite doctors to co-organize seminars, record short videos and write articles, regularly publish newsletters, hold patients sharing activities, and launch an online platform to share sleep health information in an all-round way.


Awarded the “Caring Company” logo for 10 consecutive years, actively fulfilling social responsibilities, including: caring for the community, employees and environment, in order to build a sustainable society.


Officially became the Hong Kong authorized distributor of Fisher & Paykel, the internationally renowned New Zealand CPAP brand.


Officially rolling out into the field of Hospital Sleep Medicine, introduced Hong Kong’s first wireless polysomnography (PSG) machine from Australia, and became a market pioneer.


Cemma Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Cemma) was founded in Hong Kong.


Mission Statement

Leverage from our expertise and extensive experience in the medical industry, to provide safe, comfortable and effective sleeping products sourced internationally to Hong Kong people. By providing a comprehensive solution with the use of advanced medical technology, we hope to improve sleep quality and life satisfaction for everyone.

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