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A Unique Medical Products Shopping Experience

Beyond the regular impression of purchasing medical products is cold and impersonal, we strive to provide the most relaxing and pleasant shopping experience imaginable for our customers in every possible detail. Our showroom has multiple single rooms that simulate a bedroom sleeping environment, allowing you to test and experience different sleep aids and products. The spacious and cozy lobby is also equipped with a coffee machine and various beverages. You can relax with a drink while casually read through our selection of health magazines or sleep-related books. Alternatively, you are most welcome to borrow them. You will undoubtedly feel at home and relaxed here.

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 Clean & Tidy Bedroom 

 Casual Reading 

 Self-Serve Coffee 

True Hospitality Comes From Serving With Heart

Serve With Heart has been Kinwood’s approach towards client hospitality for many years. We wish our customers can experience a special sense of trustworthiness, commitment and care from our service. Our customer service team will listen to you attentively, offering professional advice basing on thoughtful consideration of your needs and concerns, in the hope of helping you choose the right product.

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 Friendly Customer Service 

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 Committed Technical Engineers 

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