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【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 家中睡眠測試服務】家中睡眠窒息症測試 Home Sleep Test (HST)

Home Sleep Apnea Test

Quick Facts of Sleep Apnea

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 家中睡眠窒息症測試 (HST)】睡眠窒息症小知識 - 香港2%女士及4%男士患有睡眠窒息症

2% of Women &

4% Men in HK

​have Sleep Apnea

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 家中睡眠窒息症測試 (HST)】睡眠窒息症小知識 - 85%頑固性高血壓人士同時患有睡眠窒息症

People with

Resistant Hypertension

​also have Sleep Apnea

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 家中睡眠窒息症測試 (HST)】睡眠窒息症小知識 - 肥胖是睡眠窒息症的高免因素


​is a high risk factor for

Sleep Apnea

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 家中睡眠窒息症測試 (HST)】睡眠窒息症小知識 - 響亮頻繁的鼻鼾是睡眠窒息症等症狀之一

Loud & Frequent Snoring ​is a symptom of Sleep Apnea

Test Focus

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 家中睡眠窒息症測試 (HST)】測試重點 - 取得專業的睡眠窒息症診斷

I want to know if I have sleep apnea and would like a professional diagnosis.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 家中睡眠窒息症測試 (HST)】測試重點 - 由註冊多導睡眠分析師(RPSGT)評估及分析數據

Registered Polysomnography Technologist (RPSGT) will evaluate and analyse sleep data.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 家中睡眠窒息症測試 (HST)】測試重點 - 由香港睡眠專科醫生審閱及簽署睡眠測試報告

Sleep medicine physician will conduct analysis and finalized with a report.

Before Test

What Do You Need To Know?

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 家中睡眠窒息症測試 (HST)】推薦給STOP BANG結果為中至高風險人士

Recommended for people who worry they have Sleep Apneaand have a risk level of medium to high from the STOP BANG Assessment while without any medical insurance; or persons with medical insurance but prefer to be tested at home.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 家中睡眠窒息症測試 (HST)】安在家中接受專業的睡眠測試

Our professionally trained technicians will provide you with detailed guidance on how to use the related test equipment, and then return home to conduct the test.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 家中睡眠窒息症測試 (HST)】免費專業諮詢

The test here cannot substitute a doctor's professional consultation.

During Test

① Sleep Monitor

Chest Effort Sensor

③ Abdominal Effort Sensor

​④ Breath Sensor

⑤ Pulse Oximeter

What Equipment Do You Need To Wear?

After Test

What Information You Will Receive?

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Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI)

12 - tick.png

Snoring Index

12 - tick.png

Blood Oxygen Level (SpO2)

12 - tick.png

Heart Rate

12 - tick.png

Sleep Positions

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Sleep Efficiency (%)

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 家中睡眠窒息症測試 (HST)】專業詳盡的睡眠測試報告
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Professional sleep report will be provided with remarks written and signed by a sleep medicine physician.

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Complimentary analysis of report over the phone