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We have more than 20 years of experience in professional sleep testing service in Hong Kong. Since we introduced the first wireless polysomnography (PSG) monitor from Australia to Hong Kong in 2001, we have provided sleep disorders treatment and sleep testing services for more than 10,000 Hong Kong people. We are deeply trusted by Hong Kong hospitals and medical professionals.

As a professional sleep test service provider in Hong Kong, providing comprehensive and diversified options to the public is one of our goals for many years. If you want to learn more about your snoring problem, or you want to diagnose whether you are suffering from sleep disorders, we can help you. Snoring test, sleep apnea test or insomnia test, are all available in SleepKinwood™. Our sleep test services are affordable, starting at only HK$480, there are always one that suits your needs.

Snoring Test
Is it just a simple snore?

Does your partner not believe that his/her snoring sound is loud and noisy? Take him/her to do a snoring test and let him/her to recognize the truth now! This test can record the snoring volume (dB), the frequency of snoring, the snoring severity in different sleeping positions, etc., allowing you to get a preliminary understanding of how your snoring affects the quality of sleep for yourself and your sleep partner through the objective snoring data.


The loud snoring makes you worry that you have sleep apnea? You can complete the STOP BANG Questionnaire first, which is a self-assessment to determine if you might be at risk for sleep apnea. If the result is "low", but you still have doubts, you can choose this screening test to learn more about the number of apneas and the blood oxygen level during your sleep. After completing the test, we will arrange a professional sleep consultant to analyze the report in detail with you.

Sleep Apnea Test
Do I Have Sleep Apnea?

If your result in the STOP BANG Questionnaire is "medium" or "high" risk, you may consider taking a formal sleep apnea test. Although it is more expensive than the screening test, it will record more sleep data including snoring volume & frequency, Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI), blood oxygen level, heart rate, sleeping position, etc. The recorded data will be analyzed by a professional registered polysomnographic technologist (RPSGT), and reviewed by Hong Kong doctor to formally diagnose whether you are suffering from sleep apnea.


If you suspect that you have sleep apnea and often feel that your sleep quality is poor, you may choose polysomnography (PSG) sleep test. This test can record your sleep cycle, let you know your overall sleep efficiency, and deduce whether your body can be repaired from sleep. The test report will be reviewed by Hong Kong doctor to diagnose whether you are suffering from sleep apnea or other sleep disorders.

Insomnia Test
How's My Sleep Quality?

If you often feel that you have poor sleep quality and suspect that you have insomnia, you can complete the ISI Questionnaire, which is a brief screening tool for insomnia. If the result is "medium" or "high" risk, you may consider taking an electroencephalography (EEG) sleep test. This test will record your sleep data for two nights, and analyze your sleep cycle, sleep efficiency and arousal index, etc. The report will be reviewed by Hong Kong doctor.

Other Sleep Tests
Does My Sleep Apnea Treatment Work?

If you are looking for a treatment for sleep apnea, this sleep test may help you. You will need to use one or more sleep therapy products during sleep, which may include oral appliance, therapeutic body pillow and vibro-tactile positional therapy device. The report will tell you which method is the most effective to improve your sleep apnea problem.


Does CPAP work to treat my sleep apnea? In addition to checking the AHI in the CPAP report, blood oxygen level is also one of the important data showing whether sleep apnea is under control. In general, an average blood oxygen level is above 90%, and the AHI is less than 5 times per hour, indicating that the CPAP therapy is at an ideal level; otherwise, you may need to adjust the air pressure setting of the CPAP, or find out whether the CPAP mask and accessories are damaged and cause air leakage. Therefore, it is recommended that CPAP users undergo a oximetry test once a year to confirm that they are receiving proper and ideal treatment.

If you don't know which sleep test suits you most, you are welcome to call our sleep consultant.

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