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Anti-Snoring Products

Snoring can come from the nose or throat, or it can also be affected by sleeping position or other health conditions. Our anti-snoring products have a variety of choices, which can target the root causes and effectively improve your snoring problem.

ZQuiet - 01.png

​ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

For snoring from the throat. By pulling the lower jaw forward, the airway can be restored and unblocked, reducing the chance of vibration when the airflow hits the uvula, the relaxed muscles and soft tissues of the airway during inhalation, in order to improve the problem of snoring immediately.

product - AIRMAX - 01 product.png

​AIRMAX Nasal Dilator

For snoring from the nose. Supports the swollen soft tissues in nasal passages due to allergies / infections, in order to improve nasal congestion and its related snoring problems.

product - MedCline 2 - 00 product - 20200612.png

MedCline J-Shaped Body Pillow

If the snoring is more serious when sleeping on the back, this side sleeping body pillow can effectively provide a comfortable support for your back, allowing you to sleep on your side, thereby improving the snoring problem caused by sleeping on your back. Recommended and selected by HK Specialists.

Restore Pillow (F+B)-01-01.jpg

Neck Support & Snore Relief Pillow

Pillows that are too high or have insufficient support will not only affect the health of the cervical spine, but also have the chance to cause the neck to be compressed due to the forward tilt of the head, resulting in snoring. The height of this pillow can be adjusted freely, and the ergonomic support center helps position your head and neck correctly, in order to open up your airway and reduce snoring.

ZEUS Anti-Snore Device

【NEW Painless Anti-Snoring Technology】It works by passing mild electrical pulses to contract the genioglossue muscles, in order to keep the airway clear and open during sleep. It has been clinically proven to reduce the episodes of snoring.

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