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Sleep Education Center

Sleeping consumes as much as a third of our lives, hence sleep quality directly affects our physical and mental health. For this reason, we established Kinwood Sleep Education Center that provides sleep health education in three aspects: holding the health seminars, interviewing the medical professionals and publishing the sleep health educational newsletters. Our objective is to build the most professional and reliable sleep knowledge platform in Hong Kong and Asia, raise the general public’s awareness of sleep disorders, and at the same time offer comprehensive and objective treatment advice.  We hope that our initiative will benefit people with sleep problems.

Kinwood Sleep Education Center is a knowledge platform regarding sleep, established by Kinwood Healthcare Limited. Since 2001 to date, Kinwood has provided professional services to more than 10,000 people with sleep disorders in Hong Kong.

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Professional Talks

You don’t have time to read? No worries. Now, you can enjoy the video, and listen to the professional opinions in 1-2 mins.