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UK Astex Mite Proof Bedding

UK Astex Mite Proof Bedding

HK$400.00 Regular Price
HK$320.00Sale Price

Dust mites and their excrement can induce allergic reactions. UK Astex uses an enclosed zipper design to effectively block nearly 99% of allergens and alleviate asthma, eczema and nasal allergies caused by dust mites.


According to the guidelines of the Hong Kong Consumer Council, the anti-dust mite bedding cover must be completely wrapped around the mattress or pillow and closed with a fine zip. The size should be slightly larger than the mattress or pillow to avoid excessive pulling during application or removal. It will cause tearing or breakage and lose the effect of preventing dust mites.


>>> About the details of UK Astex Mite Proof Bedding, please click here.

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