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Dr Leung Wai Ching


Specialist in Psychiatry

A Good Medicine for Insomnia

Urban living has become more stressful due to the burdens of a working and socializing lifestyle, making occasional insomnia or poor sleep quality common.  If you suffer from anxiety and worry about falling asleep; or you mistakenly think that “sleep quality” means falling asleep immediately, and so you force yourself to sleep as soon as possible, this additional psychological pressure will only make it more difficult to fall asleep.  It may even form a vicious cycle leading to chronic insomnia.

Does insomnia require a visit to the doctor?  If you only have insomnia occasionally, then there is no need to worry too much. But if insomnia seriously affects your work and lifestyle for over a month, you can consult your family doctor first. Your family doctor can evaluate your situation and consider referring you to a psychiatric physician.  A psychiatrist can diagnose the severity of your insomnia by inquiring about the duration of your insomnia, if it impacts your life, and the number of sleep hours per night.

What is "Cognitive

Behavior Therapy (CBT)"?

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Every person’s bout of insomnia is different.  Sleeping pills are not the only method of treatment, however, understanding and resolving the reason behind the insomnia is fundamental.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is commonly used to treat insomnia and is also suitable for the treatment of anxiety and depression.

The doctor will spend around 30 minutes going through the following; evaluate the patient’s understanding and misconceptions about sleep, deduce the patient’s cause of insomnia, correct any misunderstandings, re-educate the facts about sleep, and start to improve their insomnia from that point forward.

Good Habits before Bed

1) Avoid strenuous exercises

2) Avoid stimulant food

3) Take a hot bath or shower

4) Casual reading

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