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Are you dare to

buy medical devices

from the parallel importers?

The previous news about the parallel-imported vaccine has made the public panic. Some doctors said that if a parallel-imported vaccine is injected, it may cause sepsis, organ failure, and even more serious risks to health. In fact, the price of parallel imports is cheaper, because most of the parallel importers would not provide any after-sales service. When there is a problem with the parallel imports, the original manufacturer may not accept it. In addition, if the original manufacturer needs to recycle a certain batch of goods, you may not receive the relevant information and continue to use the unqualified batch of goods. It may not hurt if you just buy parallel-imported cameras, computers or household electrical appliances. However, if you buy parallel-imported medical devices, the consequences can by very serious. As a savvy consumer, you should read the guidelines provided by the Department of Health before purchasing, to understand the risks of buying parallel-imported medical devices:



Even though the names and the models of the devices sold by parallel import companies may seem the same as those provided by local qualified suppliers, the actual functions may be different.



When there is a problem with the devices, it will be difficult to arrange replacement, refund, repair or other services.

Measurement Units

The measurement units used by imported medical devices from different countries are different. Misunderstanding may lead to improper treatment.


The source of the devices is unknown, it may be defective, fake or second-hand. The parts used in the devices may also be exchanged.


Power Supply

The design of the device may vary depending on the power supply at the country its sold. Some devices that use AC power may not be suitable in Hong Kong (220V and 50Hz).


Personal Data

Personal data, including name, medical history, address and credit card information, etc., are at risk of data leak or identity theft.

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