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Transcend Micro™
Mini Auto CPAP

The size is only 9.1cm and the weight is under 0.5lbs. It comes with a HME humidifier, muffler, and mobile app. It is suitable for home-use and travel.
Transcend Micro Features-01.png

Smallest & Lightest

Transcend Micro Features-02.png

Equipped with HME Humidifier

Transcend Micro Features-03.png

Equipped with Muffler


The Smallest & Lightest
Auto CPAP Machine

Transcend Micro™, the latest auto CPAP machine launched in 2022. It is manufactured in the USA. The design totally revises our original impression of CPAP. Its weight is 0.48lbs, and its dimension is (L) 9.1 x (W) 9.1 x (H) 6.1cm, just about the size of a baseball, which is the smallest and lightest auto CPAP machine currently available on the market. It is suitable for using at home, local staycation, traveling, camping or going on business trip.

Mobile App

After easy connecting via Bluetooth, you can view your CPAP therapy data, such as average hours of use, mask leak, apnea-hypopnea index (AHI), etc., allowing you to track your treatment progress. It also includes setup videos and helpful information.

Equipped with
WhisperSoft™ Muffler

Mini CPAP generally have a louder motor sound, it is because there is not enough space to add sound absorbing layers. This external lightweight WhisperSoft™ noise reduction muffler just solves the problem!

Equipped with
AirMist™ HME Humidifier

It offers a waterless humidification by capturing heat and moisture from your exhaled breath, and recirculates the humidified air for you to inhale. It effectively reduces the size of the CPAP, and prevents dry nose and mouth that may occur during CPAP therapy.
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GentleRise & AirRelief
Improving Your Comfort

The GentleRise Ramp Technology helps you to fall asleep more comfortably, the pressure will gradually increase, so you are not hit your full pressure all at once when you just turn on the device and go to bed. It is also designed with the AirRelief Expiratory Pressure Relief feature to reduce the pressure when you exhale to help you breathe easier and more comfortably while you sleep.

30mins Drying Mode
Keep Equipment Clean

In humid weather, the mask and tubing after cleaning, may not be completely air-dried before use. The quick-drying mode is thoughtfully designed to remove moisture and dust inside the equipment, in order to keep them clean and hygienic.
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Transcend Micro Features-06.png

External Multi-Night Battery*
Safe to Use Everywhere

Even there is no power supply, or a unexpected power outage occurs, as long as the original fully-charged external multi-night CPAP battery is connected, you can continue to enjoy the healthy sleep with Transcend Micro™.
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