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ZQuiet S.A.

Oral Appliance

Treating your sleep apnea & snoring problem by slightly adjusting your chin position to keep the airway open. It is simple to use, no need for molds and ready for immediate application.
【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 睡眠窒息症產品】美國 ZQuiet S.A. 止鼻鼾及睡眠窒息症牙膠 (Oral Appliance) - 牙醫設計

Dentist Designed

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 睡眠窒息症產品】美國 ZQuiet S.A. 止鼻鼾及睡眠窒息症牙膠 (Oral Appliance) - 美國FDA認證,安全可靠

FDA Cleared

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 睡眠窒息症產品】美國 ZQuiet S.A. 止鼻鼾及睡眠窒息症牙膠 (Oral Appliance) - 美國製造

Made in USA


How Does ZQuiet S.A.

​Treat Sleep Apnea & Snoring?

​The muscles of the throat relax during sleep and partially block the airway. As the air passes through the narrowed respiratory tract, soft tissue causes vibrating sounds, more familiarly known as "snoring". People with sleep apnea suffer from more obvious occurrences of airway obstruction. In addition to snoring, symptoms of hypopnea and even bouts of breathing pauses accompany sleep apnea.

The lower jaw is slightly pulled forward after using ZQuiet S.A., opening the airway behind the throat. The widened airspace allows air to pass smoothly without creating the harsh vibration, hence alleviating the snoring noise, and treating the symptoms of sleep apnea.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 睡眠窒息症產品】美國 ZQuiet S.A. 止鼻鼾及睡眠窒息症牙膠 (Oral Appliance) - 香港專科醫生推薦及選用

ZQuiet S.A.

​Recommended by HK Physicians

If you plan to visit the dentist for personalised sleep apnea or anti-snoring mouthpiece, we recommend you try the more economical ZQuiet S.A. first. Try out the feeling of the oral appliance treatment for yourself and then decide whether or not to make a mouthpiece mold at the dentist.
The ZQuiet S.A. mouthpiece is a medical product prescribed by doctors, suitable for people with mild to moderate sleep apnea or snoring.  It is one of the most popular mold-free mouthpiece recommended by respiratory and ENT doctors in Hong Kong.
【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 睡眠窒息症產品】美國 ZQuiet S.A. 止鼻鼾及睡眠窒息症牙膠 (Oral Appliance) - 由擁有豐富睡眠科經驗的牙醫設計,根據牙醫多年來的牙膠製作方法改良,有效針對鼻鼾根源問題,助您改善鼻鼾

Dentist Designed

​Proven Effective

Designed by dentists with ample experience in sleep medicine. Based on dentists' vast number of years making mouthpieces, the ZQuiet can address the root cause of the snoring problem, thereby reducing snoring.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 睡眠窒息症產品】美國 ZQuiet S.A. 止鼻鼾及睡眠窒息症牙膠 (Oral Appliance) - 守護您和家人寧靜舒適的健康睡眠

ZQuiet S.A.

​Comfortable & Easy to Use

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 睡眠窒息症產品】美國 ZQuiet S.A. 止鼻鼾及睡眠窒息症牙膠 (Oral Appliance) - 毋須倒模,即開即用

No Mold Required

The anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market that require a mold may fit your teeth better, but the procedure is more complicated. You need to control the water temperature, saturation time, and position the bite accurately when you cast the mold. This method does not allow for deviation, so multiple tries are the norm to make a successful mold.
On the contrary, ZQuiet has an ingenious design that is ready to use straight out of the box. Each box comes with four different sized mouth pieces, so you can gradually start the trial with a milder 0 mm or 2 mm advance of the lower jaw. Try them in the sequential order, and choose the more comfortable size that better reduces snoring. That's it.
【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 睡眠窒息症產品】美國 ZQuiet S.A. 止鼻鼾及睡眠窒息症牙膠 (Oral Appliance) - 使用時,嘴巴仍能如常活動,無礙飲水或談話,無礙口鼻呼吸
【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 睡眠窒息症產品】美國 ZQuiet S.A. 止鼻鼾及睡眠窒息症牙膠 (Oral Appliance) - 專利活動折葉技術,使用時,嘴巴仍能如常活動,無礙飲水或談話,無礙口鼻呼吸。一體化設計,輕巧舒適。

Living Hinge Technology

The living hinge is ZQuiet's proprietary technology. When using ZQuiet, your mouth can do its usual activities without hindering drinking or talking. Compared with other mouthpieces on the market that are bulky, use rigid materials, required to make a mold, or require adjusting screws, ZQuiet is much lighter and gives you a trouble-free mouthpiece treatment experience.
Do not use ZQuiet if you have been diagnosed with Central Sleep Apnea, severe respiratory disorders, Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD), experience clicking of the jaw and/or have pain in the jaw joints, have loose teeth, seriously misaligned teeth, orthodontia, full dentures or advanced periodontal disease. It is also not recommended for children under the age of 18.

Prescription Product

If you want to buy ZQuiet S.A. for the treatment of sleep apnea, we recommend that you consult your doctor first and obtain a doctor's prescription before ordering the product. You can also go to the following specialist clinics for professional advice and product purchase.

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