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What to do with a "Stiff Neck"?

A stiff neck often occurs when the body sleeps in an incorrect posture or maintaining a fixed position for an extended period. The muscles become strained, and the joints to be inflamed. In this issue of our news-letter, we have enlisted an expert to teach you two solutions for a stiff neck.

2 simple methods to cure a stiff neck

Method 1: Hyperthermia

Due to the stiffening of the neck muscles, hyperthermia can help relaxing muscles. There are specially designed hot water bottles that go around the neck, add warm water before use. The temperature of the hot water bottle should be warm, approximated a little hotter than normal bathwater. Place the water bottle onto the neck for about 15-20 minutes to get a soothing effect. If you don't have a hot water bottle at home, use the shower to spray water on the painful area. If the condition becomes more severe or the pain persists, consult a physiotherapist for ultrasound therapy and electrotherapy on the muscle to help faster recovery.

Method 2: Simple neck stretching movements

Maintain each routine for 20-30 seconds, and repeat the whole set of instructions 3-5 times for maximum effect.

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Stretch up and down

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Looking down, put both hands gently on your head, and then slowly extend your neck forward with eyes looking at your abdomen. Gently use both hands to push downward, without excessive force to avoid secondary neck injury.

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Look up to the ceiling, place a hand on your chin and slowly push upward. You should be able to feel a slight resistance from the neck muscles. 

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Turn and stretch left and right

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Turn your head slightly to the right and gently push your head to the right with your right hand, to increase the pulling resistance, but be careful not to turn your body at the same time.

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Do the same on the left as the right, slightly turn your head to the left, and gently push your head to the left with your left hand.

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Stretch diagonally

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Look at your right foot, then place your right hand behind your head and your left hand on your lower back. Push down gently with your right hand, and you should feel the pulling on the left-rear side of the neck.

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Do the same on the left as the right. Look at your left foot, put your left hand behind your head, put your right hand on your lower back, and then gently push down with your left hand.

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