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Anti-Snore Device  

NEW Painless Anti-Snoring Technology. It works by passing mild electrical pulses to stimulate and contract the genioglossue muscles in the airway, in order to keep the airway clear and open during sleep. It has been clinically proven to reduce the episodes of snoring.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 睡房過敏產品】英國Astex防塵蟎寢具保護套 - 英國製造

Made in UK

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 止鼻鼾產品】ZQuiet 止鼻鼾牙膠 - 牙醫設計

Developed by Professor

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 睡房過敏產品】英國Astex防塵蟎寢具保護套 - 歐洲CE註冊一級醫療產品




How it works?

​During sleep, the muscles of our body will relax, including the muscles in our throat. As we age, our muscles will also become loose. In addition, we are affected by gravity when lying in bed, and these relaxed muscles in the throat will collapse and block part of our airway. When we breathe during sleep, the inhale air passes through the narrowed airway, the relaxed muscles in the throat may vibrate and produce the sound we call "snoring".

ZEUS Anti-Snore Device is made in the UK, it is painless, lightweight, thin, and easy to use. You only need to stick it on the chin before sleep. It will pass mild electrical pulses to stimulate and contract the relaxed muscles in the throat, in order to keep the airway open during your sleep. When the muscles in the throat is tightened, its vibration may reduce, and alleviate the snoring problem.
100% of users rated wearing ZEUS is comfortable.

100% of users and their partners found ZEUS extremely quiet.

82% of users experienced reduced episodes of snoring.

82% of users stated they had better quality of sleep or ZEUS did not affect their quality of sleep.

Genioglossus Muscle
Effective in Reduce Snoring

Genioglossus muscle is a fan-shaped muscle that is involved in forming most of the tongue. This group of muscles extends from the tongue to the throat and the upper airway. A strong genioglossus muscle can prevent posterior tongue displacement and upper airway closure; therefore, genioglossus muscle plays an essential role in both enlarging and stabilizing the upper airway. If the function of the genioglossus muscle declines, this group of muscles will easily collapse involuntarily, blocking the upper airway; in addition, the genioglossus muscle tends to relax during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, and the collapse is more serious due to the influence of gravity. At this moment, when the inhaled air hits this group of relaxed muscles, it will vibrate, causing snoring and even sleep apnea.
ZEUS Genioglossus Muscle 2-01.jpg
When the function of the genioglossus muscle declines, the tongue will involuntarily move back due to muscle relaxation, resulting in upper airway obstruction and cause snoring.
ZEUS Anti-Snore Device will pass mild electrical pulses to contract the relaxed genioglossus muscle to prevent the tongue from moving backwards and keep the airway open, thereby improving the snoring which come from the throat.

Specifically Designed for Throat Snorers

There are different types of snorers and many different causes of snoring, which can come from the nasal passages or the throat. ZEUS Anti-Snore Device is a medical technology product specifically developed for throat snorers. It helps those who tongue or throat causes snoring, targeting snoring problems caused by the relaxation of the genioglossus muscles in the throat and upper airway. Therefore, if your snoring is due to the nasal congestion caused by allergies, cold and flu, you may need to choose the products for improving nasal congestion and allergies, such as: AIRMAX Nasal Dilator, Astex Dust Mite Proof Beddings and SALIN PLUS Salt Air Purifier Therapy Device.

Developed by Professor

ZEUS Anti-Snore Device is developed by Joerg Steier, the professor of respiratory and sleep medicine at King’s College London. His goal is to design an anti-snoring product that is comfortable and does not affect the user’s sleep. During the research and development process, they have done a lot of work around finding the suitable currents which does not wake and cause pain to the user, at the same time be able to contract the related muscles to keep the airway open and clear.
Any new device that allows us to treat more patients that would otherwise go untreated is going to be good news.

Joerg Steier
Professor of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine
Professor Joerg Steier-01.png


Most of the users said that their snoring has improved significantly, and decided to buy the ZEUS Anti-Snore Device after the one-week rental service. The rest of the users underwent sleep test afterward under the advice of our professional sleep health consultant, and were found to suffer from snoring and sleep apnea at the same time. In the end, they choose CPAP therapy to improve their snoring and sleep apnea. In fact, snoring and sleep apnea are very common. You just need to find the right method, and the problem will be solved easily!
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