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Reflux Relief System

By slightly raising the upper body and maintaining side sleeping, gravity is used to prevent the stomach contents from flowing out of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). This reduces discomforts including heartburn, cough and nausea.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 胃酸倒流產品】MedCline 胃食道反流治療組合 - 醫生研發

Doctor Developed

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 胃酸倒流產品】MedCline 胃食道反流治療組合 - 專利設計

Patented Design

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 胃酸倒流產品】MedCline 胃食道反流治療組合 - 三個尺寸選擇

Available in 3 Sizes


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What is

​Reflux Relief Pillow?

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 胃酸倒流產品】MedCline 胃食道反流治療組合 - 右側睡時的胃部情況

Lower Esophageal Sphincter ​(LES)

Condition of the Stomach when

Sleeping on the Right Side

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 胃酸倒流產品】MedCline 胃食道反流治療組合 - 左側睡時的胃部情況

Lower Esophageal Sphincter ​(LES)

Condition of the Stomach when Sleeping on the Left Side

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 胃酸倒流產品】MedCline 胃食道反流治療組合 - 使用MedCline時的胃部情況

Lower Esophageal Sphincter ​(LES)

Stomach's Condition

when using MedCline

The MedCline Reflux Relief System is a non-medicinal natural treatment to help people suffering from acid reflux. It can effectively reduce heartburn during sleep at night. The MedCline Reflux Relief System tilts and raises your upper body slightly so that your lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is still above the stomach when lying down and sleeping. When the stomach's content wants to flow out, gravity prevents it from surging out, so it flows back into the stomach, which effectively reduces acid reflux. Since the stomach is situated above our left abdomen, when using the MedCline Reflux Relief System, it is generally recommended to sleep on the left side for optimal treatment results.

Doctor Recommended
for Acid Reflux Sufferers

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 胃酸倒流產品】MedCline 胃食道反流治療組合 - 醫生推薦給胃酸倒流人士的理想組合

Different from the other wedge pillows on the market, MedCline's wedge-shaped pillows are equipped with patented arm pockets on both sides. It allows the user's arm to pass through the holes when the user is sleeping on their side, relieving the pressure on the arms and shoulders. The wedge helps to keep the body in the correct position and prevents the body from slipping down the pillow during sleep. The pillow has a 15-20 degree inclined designed to keep the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) just above the stomach. This mitigates the symptoms of acid reflux and gives the user a deserved good night's rest.

product - MedCline GERD Relief sys - 17


Professional Synergies

More than 100,000 people around the world are using MedCline. MedCline system includes ❶ The Therapeutic Body Pillow and ❷ The Wedge Pillow to comfortably and effectively improve the problems caused by night-time acid reflux.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 胃酸倒流產品】MedCline 胃食道反流治療組合 - 93%測試用家表示火燒心的現象有所減少

Patients reported

a reduction in

nighttime heartburn

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 胃酸倒流產品】MedCline 胃食道反流治療組合 - 89%測試用家表示反胃及作嘔的情況有所減少

Patients reported

a reduction in

regurgitation and gagging

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 胃酸倒流產品】MedCline 胃食道反流治療組合 - 95%測試用家表示整體睡眠質素有所改善

Patients reported 

an overall improvement in

sleep quality

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 胃酸倒流產品】MedCline 胃食道反流治療組合 - 醫生設計

Doctor Designed

Dr. Carl Melcher is a retired professor of medicine in the United States. He was plagued by acid reflux disease for many years, so he designed and developed a MedCline Reflux Relief System with a team of professionals basing on his own experience and professional knowledge.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 胃酸倒流產品】MedCline 胃食道反流治療組合 - 通過8項臨床測試

8 Clinical Tests

MedCline consistently shows promising results and provides unparalleled symptom recovery, improving the quality of life for people with acid reflux. Several clinical tests have confirmed that MedCline is more effective than merely raising the head of the bed or using ordinary back pillows.

【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 胃酸倒流產品】MedCline 胃食道反流治療組合 - 由三件組件合併而成,無可比擬的專業組合
【SleepKinwood 健和醫療 - 胃酸倒流產品】MedCline 胃食道反流治療組合 - 美國權威醫學顧問 - Dr. Ronnie Fass & Dr. Donald Castell

Authoritative Medical Consultant

MedCline's medical advisory team includes Dr. Ronnie Fass and Dr. Donald Castell, leading physicians in gastroenterology. Dr. Fass has published more than 550 medical articles and has won multiple awards in the field of clinical research. Dr. Castell is the former president of the American Gastroenterology Association (AGA) and an internationally recognized figure on the esophagus and digestive system diseases. He has personally published and co-authored more than 500 scientific articles.


MedCline Reflux Relief System is not recommended for those with lower back or hip injuries including herniated / bulging disks, compounded disks, fused vertebrae, scoliosis, lumbar damage, arthritic hips or bursitis in the hips.

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