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Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

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Therapeutic Pillow

How does the side pillow reduce snoring?

When we sleep on our back, the soft tissue of the tongue and throat will collapse backward due to gravity, partially blocking the airway. When we breathe, air rushes past the soft tissue causing vibrations which results in loud snoring. When we sleep on our side, the soft tissue and muscle of the throat will slump onto airway's sidewall instead of hanging in the middle of the respiratory tract. And effectively reduces the chance of vibrations and snoring will naturally improve. Therefore, a useful side pillow needs to provide sufficient front and back body support. It should also be comfortable and keep your body in a side sleeping posture all night.

What is the difference between a bolster pillow and a side pillow?

Most bolster pillows on the market are cylindrical, allowing both hands to hug the pillow while sleeping. This helps relaxation and increases a sense of security, thereby improving sleep. The side sleeping pillow has a therapeutic effect and is specially designed for people who need side sleeping treatment, such as snoring, sciatica, lower back pain, pregnancy. Most of them are designed in a giant "U" or "J" shape which encircles the body to provide enough support for the front and back of your body so that you can comfortably maintain a full night sleeping on the side.

How does a side pillow relieve discomfort during pregnancy?

Most pregnant women in the middle and later stages of pregnancy will suffer from low back pain due to the growing weight of the fetus, especially during sleep. If the mother is prone to sleeping on the back, the weight of the fetus will press on the lower all night. The design of the side pillow spans the whole body, comfortably hugging the neck and shoulders, and also provides sufficient support for the front and back of the body (abdomen and back). Hence effectively reduces the load on the body. Clamping the side pillows between the legs helps to disperse the body's weight and pressure, and also decreases cramps from occurring.

Will sleeping on the side likely cause shoulder pain?

When sleeping on the side, the weight of the whole body will be concentrated on one side of the body. Due to long periods of being compressed, blood circulation in the shoulder or arm areas may be weak and result in soreness when waking up. If you generally spend most of your sleeping time on your side, we recommend you try the pillow while lying on your side, and evaluate whether the pillow has enough support for your head and neck before purchase.

How does a centred cavity contour design of the pillow reduce snoring?

The cavity contour allows the head and neck to maintain a normal curvature during sleep. When the neck is well supported, it reduces the head being leaned forward and the neck being pressured, which generally causes the airway becoming narrow. Since the airway is not blocked, the snoring will improve naturally.

Who is not suitable to use side pillows?

Most people can use side pillows, as long as the height is suitable and the body maintains a natural physical posture when sleeping on the side. If you have lower back pain, make sure the length of the side pillow stretches between your knees before making a purchase. If it doesn't, you may need to put a firm pillow between your knees. This helps prevent the hip and knee joints from falling and helps protect and maintain your spine natural posture during sleep. Therefore, lessen back pain caused by sleeping.

What is the theory behind a gastroesophageal reflux therapeutic pillow?

According to statistics from the University of Hong Kong in 2002, about 600,000 people in Hong Kong suffer from acid reflux. Acid reflux may lead to a muffled voice, sore throat, chronic cough and asthma. Gastric acid can irritate the esophagus and/or trachea. If not treated properly, it may even increase the chance of developing esophageal cancer in the long term. The treatment of acid reflux is generally based on drugs to control the production of stomach acid and reduce the chance of acid reflux entering the esophagus.

Gastroesophageal reflux therapy pillow is composed of two parts, a wedge pillow and a side pillow. The purpose of the wedge pillow is to elevate your upper body slightly and raise it by about 10-20 degrees. Since the stomach is in our upper left abdomen position, the wedge pillow together with the side pillow, keeps you sleeping on the left side throughout the night. This generally yields better treatment results.


Can side pillows improve sleep apnea?

The principle of side pillows for improving snoring is similar to the improvement of sleep apnea. Since both snoring and sleep apnea are caused by the airway becoming narrower, sleeping on the side allows the soft tissue or muscle of the throat to fall on the airway's side instead of hanging in the centre. Reducing the chance of the airway becoming obstructed, and theoretically helps to improve snoring and sleep apnea. According to the recommendations of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), in addition to CPAP machines, patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea can also choose positional therapy (sleeping on the side) or Oral Appliance Therapy. Sleep apnea can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. If you suspect that you are suffering from sleep apnea, you should visit and consult a doctor as soon as possible. Request for a professional sleep test, and understand suitable and remedial therapy plans available.

Who is not suitable using a gastroesophageal reflux therapeutic pillow?

The gastroesophageal reflux therapeutic pillow requires raising your upper body slightly, ranging from 10 degrees to 20 degrees. For people with trauma to the waist, lower back or hips (including herniated disc, fusion, scoliosis, lumbar injury, hip arthritis or hip bursitis), it is usually challenging to maintain an inclined position throughout the night. It may even exacerbate the problems of the original injury. Therefore, it is generally not suggested for the above people to use the gastroesophageal reflux therapeutic pillow. A doctor's consultation is advisable before use.

What is the principle of pillow that can reduce shoulder pain when sleeping?

When sleeping on the side, the weight of the body presses on the shoulders and arms, affecting blood circulation. Shoulder pain may result when sleeping or after waking up. If you want to improve the above problems whilst side sleeping, you can use a wedge pillow and slightly tilt your body up by about 10 degrees to disperse the pressure on your shoulders. If the wedge pillow has a tunnel for the arm to pass through, it can prevent the arm from becoming numb and uncomfortable.

What is an ideal therapeutic spine pillow?

A pillow that protects the spine must have solid supporting ability and be able to maintain the natural curvature of the spine effectively. When sleeping on the back, the forehead, chin and chest should retain a horizontal line. When sleeping on the side, the centre of the head and the abdomen should be a straight line. When considering purchasing a pillow, the individual's physical characteristics and sleeping habits should also be considered. Factors include if you are accustomed to sleeping on your back, have a large build, and an extended neck curvature, you can choose a higher pillow to maintain the ideal curve of the spine. On the contrary, if you are thin and the neck curvature is smaller, you can choose a flatter pillow. If you are used to sleeping on the side, you generally need to choose a higher pillow to keep the cervical spine in line with the vertebra. Therefore, it is generally recommended to try out a pillow before buying. After considering the factors stated above and testing the pillow for comfort, you will end up with the ideal therapeutic pillow customised for you.

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